Providing help, healthcare and hope for the homeless.

Founded in 2018, Homeless Hope’s mission is to help as many people who are experiencing homelessness, in as many ways as possible. From treating conditions such as trench foot to handing out essential hygiene products and providing food or furniture; our team of volunteers – 70% of whom are qualified nurses – currently operate across Cardiff, Newport and Swansea.

We're passionate about helping those living on the street — because we've experienced it ourselves.

Our charity’s founder and clinical lead, Donna-Marie Thomas, knows all too well the dejection, desperation and dangers faced by those struggling with homelessness: aged just nine, she was living on the streets of London herself.

Since then, Donna’s determination and compassion have seen her dedicate her time to helping others by getting back out on the streets in a supportive capacity.


Each of our volunteers’ determination and compassion to help others is admirable – and continues to grow stronger in the aftermath of the global pandemic.



When Homeless Hope was founded in October 2018, we found that some individuals who are homeless were not accessing the services they needed for a variety of reasons. Therefore, as a dedicated group of nurses and volunteers from all areas of the NHS and the general public, one of our key aims is to re-engage these individuals with our valuable health services.



We provide a street-based clinic once a month in Swansea, Newport and Cardiff – offering foot care, food and drink and donation drop-offs. Our new van allows us to reach those in need as efficiently as possible – as well allowing the transportation of essentials and larger furniture items when required.

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A warm, hearty and nutritious meal is something we probably all take for granted. For somebody living on the streets, however, it can provide a literal lifeline; the energy needed to make it through the day — and the ones to follow. That’s why our food and drink station plays such an integral part in what we do as a charity.



Public donations play a huge part in the services and care we’re able to offer, meaning we’ll always accept waterproof boots, sensible shoes and trainers. Not only does this footwear help people experiencing homelessness to get through cold and wet winters — it also facilitates better foot health. Visit our Boots Amnesty page under ‘events’ for more information on how you can help, or to make an alternative donation, visit our Amazon Wishlist.



Foot conditions are one of the lesser- known problems associated with homelessness — a constant struggle for those living on the streets. From ill- fitting to wet shoes; walking several miles to standing in long lines: the causes of bad foot health are countless. Run by qualified nurses, our clinics address these issues, helping the vulnerable get back on their feet.



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