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A Heart Full of Gold

Hello, I’m Virginia and I’m a volunteer at Homeless Hope and I've always had a sorrow in my heart about homeless people.

I've bought an occasional sandwich, always gave some money or bought items, but being so far from town and an old lady without transport I put it out of my mind until I heard about our lovely Donna Thomas and what she was doing.

The first time I saw Donna I wasn't sure what I had to give was good enough, so I put them on display on my table. Some of the things I thought were stupid, such as soaps, talc, biscuits etc, but any way Donna took the lot!

I was naive as to what was really needed; except for food and drink and maybe a warm coat or blanket.

Well I soon had an eye opener and of course they need the same as us, pants, socks, all clothes, for men and for women as well. Why did I think there were only one or two out there and there you see what I mean about me being naive and ignorant!

Me being 82 in November means that I can't do much, but I do make some sandwiches, and I listen to what is needed, and if I can get it I've got to shout to Donna to pick them up

I also give maybe a bit of cash when I've got it x x x x

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