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Caring is all that is Needed ~ Everyone Needs Someone to Talk to.

Hi my name is Louise Minty and I am a clinic nurse for the Welsh Blood Service. I became a volunteer after seeing a post from Donna for nurses to help get her homeless help days off the ground. I knew donna through our time together in ITU so anything Donna was willing to do then I was certain was going to be a worthwhile and much needed in society.

My first day volunteering was nerve wrecking and overwhelming at times but i felt humbled to be trusted by strangers who just needed my help. One thing i have always believed is knowledge should never be kept to yourself it should be shared to help others where you can. I certainly wasn’t an expert in feet but an expert in caring; so to show i cared and gain their trust i sat on the floor to be on the same level as the people who needed my help and With the help of others in the team i was even able to get back up!

It has been hard listening to the stories our homeless have to tell; how they ended up there and how many systems have failed them. Heartbreaking to not be able to pack them all in the car and take home to make them feel safe and secure. Instead we spend the time to listen and offer a hug and a sleeve to wipe their tears away. Some need more encouragement than others to engage in services; some even need finding and help carry their belongings to where we are set up. We laugh, we talk, we listen and we wipe tears away but most of all we make them feel like they matter. Out side of our foot-care days i have gathered food, clothes, shoes and hats donations from family, friends, colleagues and even donors from the welsh blood service where i work. My mum has recently joined us on our days and has been a great support in gathering donations also! I also make food such as pasta tray bakes to give fresh food on the day.

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