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From the Gutter Up

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

Donna -Marie Thomas (DT) is the founder of Homeless Hope she is a registered nurse working on the Powys community and also holds the Queens Nurse title. As a child Donna ran away from home and lived life from the age of 9 between the streets of London and local authority care settings. At the age of 18 signed out of care Donna left the streets and never looked back. Showing true resilience she returned to school in her late 20's to learn to read and write properly, progressing on through college and university to qualify as a nurse at the age of 33. Donna speaks publicly to nursing cohorts, nursing forums, universities & schools and safeguarding conferences about her life experiences. Below is a video produced by Chris Rankin to promote nurses into Powys using Donna's inspirational story of resilience.

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