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Never Too Old!!

This is the lovely Lynne Ryan, a 67 year old volunteer with homeless hope. Lynne first contacted us at Homeless Hope some months ago to ask If she could do anything from home to help. she stated"I am unable to attend street clinics as I am too old and disabled".

In Lynne's own words "I know just how quickly a safe, secure life can fall apart. Not being medically trained and not very mobile I thought I had nothing to offer as a volunteer, but this amazing team never stop, so much goes on behind the scenes and I found a way to help by making sandwiches and cakes for them to take out onto the street. Unfortunately I only did this once, then Covid19 stopped everything".

However, this was not all that Lynne has done for us and our street friends! Lynne recently had a new bed and contacted Homeless Hope to see if anyone could make use of her old one. The bed was an orthopaedic bed which could be moved electronically to sitting position. She also had two sofas and numerous household items. Donna Thomas contacted hostels and was able to arrange somewhere to rehome the items. A van was arranged and the bed was taken to a hostel in Swansea, where a young homeless guy who suffered badly with back pain was residing, he is also aloud to take this on when he gets his own accommodation. In this guys own words "its like sleeping on a cloud" pure gratitude.

The sofas and household items all went to a young single mum and again in her own words "no one has ever been this kind to me". So many people have nothing to start off with Lynne's selfless act of kindness helped to transform this young mums empty flat into a home. So many just throw items out with out a second thought, Lynne was not willing to do that.

Lynne is a valued member of our group and I hope she feels from us how much she means and how much she has already helped our street homeless."As soon as they are able to go out again I will be so pleased to do my little bit to help. Everyone has something to offer, just sometimes we don't know what that is".

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