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Hi all my name is Evelyn Frowen and I am a Wound care specialist nurse in cardiff. I have been involved in the assessing and implementing of a treatment plan for wounds to the vulnerable homeless people in hostels. As part of my role I am lucky to be involved with and working closely with the homeless nurses in our Trust who assess and provide ongoing care throughout the week at the housing option centre/hostels. I sometimes see these people in the prison sector and find it sad to hear they feel safer there and warmer and have a routine in this environment.

My son used to walk around at nights in Cardiff with me and we would give the homeless pot noodles and items that were quick easy to open. I can remember one night my son spent a fortune in burger King and the following morning I asked him what he had spent in burger King - he had a big smile on his face and proudly told me he give 10 homeless people a hot meal deal as it was a cold night. He came home several times after going into town without his coat and told me someone needed it more than him.

I am originally from Caerbont near Ystradgynlais and family members spoke highly of Donna Thomas. After hearing her story and past I have seen for myself how such a sincere /caring loving person Donna and the team were. My dad had first class care from the district nurse team from Ystradgynlais in 2018/2019 and most of them were volunteers on these foot health days with other fabulous volunteers. I decided I wanted to meet and be a volunteer on the weekend with the homeless hope team in Cardiff on their foot health days. I saw a lot of familiar homeless faces and as I was a volunteer on these days I didn't want them to firstly recognise me as their nurse so not to lose their trust.

I still try and hide in the background and lucky enough not to be photographed. I will walk around in Cardiff before we set up to try and entice the homeless to get dry clothing /food /chat freely. The team support them and guide them to try and engage in the services that are available within the city. I love how they light up and get to choose what clothing they want. They are always happy to help us unload the food, drinks essential items they can take without any questions asked.

I still get asked in my current role when are we coming back on the streets on the weekend but unfortunately times are hard due to Covid19 but even harder with fewer resources to get out there to provide care safely during this pandemic. I am one of the lucky ones that I still see the ones that have sought help and engage with the services but not all are so lucky, as they have ongoing demons /issues and try and go through these hard times themselves I am so proud to wear my "Homeless Hope" tee-shirt and to be part of a fantastic team of volunteers and the ones behind the scenes keep us going with supplies xx

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