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Sharing Gentle Care

Hi I am Lyn-Anne Wright, married and a mother of 4. I grew up in Newport Gwent and have a nursing background. I trained and worked as a nurse in the Midlands but came back to Newport and continued Nursing at the Royal Gwent and St Woolos Hospitals.

I felt being able to nurse and care for people with kindness and gentleness is the most fulfilling part of being a Nurse. Marriage and children then came along.

Although I was no longer nursing but bringing up a family my sense of caring and being part of the community continued as I started up after school clubs for children paying particular attention to children who would not have the opportunities to go to these places by overcoming the barriers that living in areas classed as socially deprived create.

I also spent time with people who had no home or were housed in difficult circumstances and I began to see glimpses into their world as they trusted me little by little. They accepted me and I felt privileged and heart broken at the same time, and still do 20 yrs later.

I helped in anyway I could from listening quietly as they told me about their lives making sure they had food and adequate clothing to standing up for them when they were being treated unfairly.

I continued on my own and sometimes with other volunteer groups. I am driven to do this because we simply cannot ignore people when kindness is so powerful.

I then came back into Health and Social Care employment via a well known charity, based at Ystradgynlais Hospital. I support people in many different

and circumstances. Coming along side them and doing whatever I can with respect and kindness to help improve their lives.

I met Donna at Ystradgynlais Community Hospital and became aware of her heart towards the homeless community listening to her quietly recounting her life is truly uplifting. I also feel so sad and remember so many homeless people who are so beaten down by life.

To be Able to be with a group who aim to bring hope and who's heart beat the same beat even though we all bring something different to Homeless Hope is amazing and the change it is bringing about within society towards our Homeless Community is needed like never before.

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