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When we don't know we ask Flo

My name is Sharon Lewis I am a staff nurse on a medical ward and mother of two. I have retired and returned to practice and have a work history of medical/stoke rehab, district nursing and the Lymphoedema Service.

I was asked why I volunteered with Homeless Hope and this is my reason.

Many years ago a new member of staff walked into the ward, her eyes were like ‘a hare in the headlights’, she was so nervous, insecure, unsure and quiet but she asked question after question; always asking what can I do next or what is there to do.

This person blossomed into a fantastic health care support worker, who then went on to gain education to become a qualified nurse which is no easy task for her, if you have listened to or read her journey.

Then I saw that she had set up a volunteer group for foot care to help the homeless. Well I could not join quick enough. Although I was very apprehensive of what I might witness ,she put me at ease and the rest is history.

DONNA THOMAS you inspired me so much with your life journey, its a honour to be part of the jigsaw that makes up homeless hope.

Sharon is now a major part of homeless hope and offers her knowledge to those who join us on the street. Sharon earnt her new nickname "Flo" by teaching new and old qualified nurses about oedema in a homeless guys legs and thanks to Angelo Rossi's choice its sticking. Her passion for nursing and people is obvious in the way she cares, teaches and encourages our homeless. She interacts with all those out there making a difference as she goes and is a much loved member of our team... DT.

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